Balsam Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District
Aquatic Plant Management

Balsam Lake Aquatic Plant Management[1]

The Aquatic Plant Management Plan presents strategies for managing aquatic plants by protecting native plant populations, managing curly leaf pondweed, and preventing establishment of invasive species through the year 2014. The plan uses the results of a comprehensive plant survey which will be repeated every five years. It also includes information about the watershed, water quality, and reviews a history of aquatic plant management on Balsam Lake. 

Management strategies presented are based upon five plan goals:

1.  Manage established invasive species and eradicate newly introduced invasive species to reduce their impacts to the lake.

2.  Prevent the introduction of aquatic invasive species.

3.  Maintain navigation for fishing and boating in problem areas, access to lake residences, and comfortable swimming at the village beach.

4.  Increase lake residents’ and visitors’ understanding of aquatic plants and management.

5.  Preserve the diverse native aquatic plant community in Balsam Lake. 

An action plan outlines activities to be carried out each year. They include:

  • Early season herbicide treatment of priority curly leaf pondweed beds.
  • Invasive species monitoring for prevention and early identification.
  • A comprehensive Clean Boats, Clean Waters program to educate lake users.
  • Contingencies for monitoring and maintaining navigation through native plant beds.
  • An aquatic plant management education program.

[1] Aquatic Plant Management Plan for Balsam Lake October 2010. Harmony Environmental and Endangered Resource Services.


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